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Not your typical “Linkedin Job Change” Announcement

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5 years ago, I published an article titled “Not your typical Linkedin Job Change Announcement”. As we barrel full speed into 2020, it seems I’m due for a follow up.

It’s official: I’m leaving the Silicon Valley (and California) behind, firming up roots in Vancouver, and leaving the corporate life to become an entrepreneur.

To the friends, colleagues, partners, providers, customers, merchants, and everyone else in the amazing Ecommerce Ecosystem that I played in and around for the last 10+ years, I thank you for the wisdom, opportunities and partnerships that were formed.

The REAL Shipwire team was special, and I am humbled to have had a seat on that bus for that ride.  (NG – 🙏) It still amazes me just how far ahead we were in the #ecommerce industry in 2015… people are just now catching up!

The Ingram Micro Family touched my life in ways that will never be forgotten, and for that I thank them all.  From the talented, world class marketing team I had the privilege to be part of, to the amazing global leadership team I was able to grow as a professional with, this organization has some of the smartest, kindest and most positive people I know.

My 5 year adventure there has now set me up for the next decade, where I aim to really make my mark. In true entrepreneurial fashion, I’ve jumped in with both feet (probably over my head) into three new ventures.

Strong Willed Warrior Corp.

My son Liam was born in 2018 with a Congenital Heart Defect called Double-Inlet Left Ventricle (plus about eight other complications, including Transposed Great Vessels and a Hypo-plastic aortic arch).  The name Liam means “Strong Willed Warrior” (or some similar translation depending on origin), and so it was natural for us to name this foundation after him.

Strong Willed Warrior is a family run enterprise focused on raising funds, creating awareness, and enabling access to medical treatments for CHD-impacted families across North America (and hopefully the globe very soon!)

100% of the profits from this venture will be donated to families of CHD Warriors, or the treatment centers they rely on in North America.

To support our mission, or get more information about what we do, please go here:

BestBox – Fitness Management Platform

Those who know me well know that CrossFit became part of my life in a big way in 2016.  Having a son with a need for the ultimate lifelong health and wellness program narrowed that focus tremendously, so I Founded, a Fitness Management Platform & Growth Services Company that provides owners of micro-gym and boutique fitness centers the ability to execute day-to-day operations in the most efficient and profitable way possible.  The ultimate goal is to enable more gym owners to successfully run profitable gyms, thereby increasing access to—and engagement in—fitness globally.

Campus Athletics – CrossFit & Personal Training Centers

I’ve always believed that good software is built by people who have done the job that software is supposed to do. So I’m holding myself to that standard, and we’ve also formed Campus Athletics—a collection of CrossFit & Personal Training centers around Vancouver, British Columbia, Columbia.

I recently got my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification, so you’ll see me there coaching the late evening classes, community building, and programming WODs, or at a personal training facility helping those entrepreneurs grow their businesses!

The Digital Intrapreneur – a book for digital growth leaders!

I’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to personally help a number of businesses scale into the millions and billions in revenue, as well as working closely with hundreds of fast growth brands to help overcome operational and growth challenges.

I wanted to find a way to help those brands at scale, so I packaged up a toolkit of areas to focus on, processes to put in place, talent to develop, and cultures to build.  If you are tasked with leading digital initiatives, or part of a digitally native organization, this is your cheat sheet to setting up a successful path to growth!

100% of the proceeds from sales of the book will go to support our Strong Willed Warrior initiative.

I would love for you to check it out and support the pre-sale by visiting here:

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