The Story

I was born and raised in a small town called Kamloops in the Canadian province of British Columbia. I enjoyed a classic Canadian childhood, complete with snowball fights in Gran and Papa’s backyard and plenty of time exploring nature. The things that drive me today are largely the same things that motivated me as a child: my family, being active, and helping others. My most important job is working in partnership with my beautiful wife Aleksandra to raise our three wonderful children—our oldest son Avery, our daughter Dominika, and the newest addition, little Liam.

In my professional life, for the last two decades, I have been immersed in retail and business leadership. I began my career with a heavy focus on technology, but quickly grew to leverage those skills within a marketing and ecommerce framework. I’ve been lucky enough to work with hundreds of fast growth brands and startups to refine their ecommerce strategy and maximize growth in the new digital economy. 

I’ve always felt led to help others. Even as a kid, I loved teaching friends about my favorite hobbies. In my work, I thrived when given the chance to mentor new employees or train managers to adopt a new technology. After 20 years of professional leadership experience (and a lifetime passion for teaching), I’ve formalized my role as a coach. These days, that’s taking two distinct forms: 

BestBox – The Fitness Management Platform

I’m so proud to be the CEO & Founder of this venture. With it, my team and I are building a modern fitness management system aimed at the boutique & micro-gym space, as well as personal training centers and CrossFit Affiliates. Additionally, I got my CrossFit Level 1 Trainer certification last year, so I’m also learning to coach in a whole new profession! 

Coach Tony – Growth Advisor, Consultant & Author of The Digital Intrapreneur

With the release of my first book, The Digital Intrapreneur: How Entrepreneurial Habits are Powering Companies to Win in the Age of Digital Commerce, I am excited to step formally into the business advising space. The goal of my coaching business, as well as of all my content, is to share the knowledge I’ve gleaned from decades of intrapreneurial work. In this role, I will be coaching startups, entrepreneurs, and fast growth brands on how to grow, scale, and become digitally proficient 

Ultimately, coaching is about helping people become better versions of themselves, whether in the business or fitness realm. You’ll find me playing at the intersection of both. Health & Wellness is critical to long term business success, and professionals in the health and wellness space often need help figuring out business so they can survive and thrive. I’m here to help. 

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