Coach Tony Daily

It’s about people

At the end of the day it all comes down to people. As entrepreneurs, business leaders and service providers, we need to either take care of our people OR take care of the people who take care of our people.

Coronavirus/Covid-19, the economic impact, the societal effect—they have all combined to show us that almost instantly, everything can change. And in these moments, it becomes quite clear who your people are.

In business, in family, in support, it becomes clear who is in the circles that you have consciously or subconsciously built around you. In times like this, they will provide support if needed, and motivate you if it’s required.

Humans can be resilient.
Humans can be innovative.
Humans can be clever in the face of enormous challenge.

We got this.

I hope everyone has the support they need and the ability to share any surplus of time or resources they may have. It’s important right now to be a good person to those who have been good to you, and to lean on the people who are ready to support you. 

Together we will turn this chapter into the catalyst for opportunity that it truly is.

– Cheers, Coach Tony.

PS: As a Former Silicon Valley Executive and Fortune100 Global Marketing VP, I’ve been lucky to help hundreds of brands scale and grow in E-commerce and Digital. I donate 10 hours a week to consult entrepreneurs and leaders on going digital. Sign up for a time here or Ask Me Anything on Facebook.


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